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Chilli, one third of multiplatinum music trio TLC, loves animals and is doing her part to save them! The singer opted for a black peplum, form-fitting dress with green accents, including her hair!Not only did she just rock it out last night at the AMAs with T-Boz and Lil Mama with their tribute to the late Left Eye, but now, she's starring in a new ad campaign by PETA demanding people "Boycott the Circus." The ad features her stripped nude, covered in body paint, making her look like a tiger, trapped in a cage. This reminds us of something a seksi villain would wear! Now the big question is if Lil' Mama will be performing with TLC!!! And we can't wait to hear what kind of excuse she's got!I would like to speak to Jay-Z one-on-one, just to see how he felt.

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Alicia Keys being from Harlem and Jay Z being from Brooklyn and I was just so emotional. I felt like I was being embraced at the time, Jay-Z was bouncing back and I’m feeling like this whole moment is happening but I’m not planning it to be a moment, it just happened. I wasn’t there to ruin the performance, I wasn’t there to bring anyone down or anything down.

In that moment I kind of felt it coming so I just went with the flow.”“No, I haven’t, I have tried, I got management to reach out.

Check out the '90s-style music video (below) and see if you can catch the references to other artist's music videos like Mary J. Filed under: Julia Roberts • Anna Nicole Smith • Lily Allen • Mariah Carey • Kanye West • Renee Zellweger • Awardz • Lil' Mama • Joan Rivers • Elizabeth Taylor • Golden Globes • Alcohol • David Hasselhoff • GIFs Consider what it must be like to be a celebrity at an award show. You’re surrounded by some of the most powerful people in Hollywood…

And there’s no way you’re driving home since you’ve got a limo for the night… One major award show that gets the stars good and sloppy every year is the Golden Globes!

“When I played Left Eye, it helped me to see things about myself.

It taught me discipline, it taught me respect, it taught me etiquette.

Coming in the game, I was raw, that’s how incidents like running up on stage [at the 2009 VMAs] happened.” Check out Lil Mama’s interview in its entirety below.

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The rapper recently had a music video shoot for a song none of us will care to listen to.

While on set, she and her dancers allegedly trashed their wardrobe by covering it in "paint" and "dirt." WTF???? The borrowed wardrobe wasn't just some raggedy stuff from Wal-Mart.

Hey, we know Tina Fey and Amy Poehler take full advantage of that open bar!

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