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As a client of Blue Ribbon Singles, you will have the personal and sustained interest, concern and support of an experienced singles coach and matchmaker. Not only do I make matches for you, I also provide you with coaching and feedback so you can make the most of the dates you have.

I will work as your personal agent, guide, cheerleader and matchmaker in your search for Mr. Over and above making great matches for you, I help you put yourself “in love’s way”. Additionally, I collaborate with you to design a personalized Game Plan, in writing, to make this happen.

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I know how much effort (and time) it takes to put yourself out there to meet potential dating candidates.

I understand how disappointing bad dates can be, and I am personally aware of the toll those disappointments eventually take on your confidence and self-esteem.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES AVAILABLE As a client of Blue Ribbon Singles, you have the opportunity to schedule private coaching sessions to address your personal questions and concerns.

Coaching sessions and interviews are held at my private practice office, located on the north side of Indianapolis, on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Clients who have tried meeting this way say they prefer it, as it allows them to truly discover their dates.

Once a potential match is identified, I contact both of you to arrange a mutually agreeable time and place for a lunch date.

You may have been “single and looking” for a while, maybe even your whole life.

While a great relationship is worth the time it takes to find it, it’s also true that the meter is running on all of our lives as we speak.

Neither you nor your date is given information about the other before you meet.

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