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Log in with your Federal Student Aid ID and click on “Complete a Consolidation Loan Application and Promissory Note.” Make sure you’ve decided on a student loan repayment plan and a student loan servicer; you can choose each on the application.

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You can also compare student loan refinancing options using our guide, which includes reviews of each lender.

Interest rates: Your financial history — including your credit score, income, job history and educational background — will dictate your new interest rate when you refinance.

Borrowers with a credit score of 690 or above are most likely to receive competitive offers from lenders.

If your credit score is lower, you’re unlikely to be approved, but you have other options.

This program dissolves your remaining balance after you make 120 monthly payments while working in a public service job.

Drawbacks: Because your new interest rate is rounded up, it could be higher than your rate before consolidation.Student loan refinancing is not the same as federal consolidation. The best refinance lender for you depends on your priorities.Borrowers often look for the lowest interest rate possible, but it’s also worth checking out the various features each lender offers.If you qualify, you’ll receive immediate, personalized offers from multiple lenders without affecting your credit.If you continue with the process, the lender you choose will perform a credit check later on.You’ll also lose forgiveness benefits specific to Perkins loans if you consolidate them.

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